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20 Nov

If God can use a donkey to confront the prophet Balaam, He can use me, His servant, to confront donkeys and elephants alike. And who knows, maybe we'll celebrate victory's together while finding a reason to laugh amongst all this mess. 

Food for thought...  Pardon the pun... Hunger Games.  There, I said it!  I wonder how many people feel we're living in the reality that predicated The Hunger Games, the first novel in a series of novels by author Suzanne Collins?  

If you click on the link below you'll see a short commercial from "The Capital" explaining how "A District" is weaved together, how it takes many hands to "make a district".  If you watch it to the end, you'll hear what I heard when I woke up today...

The ominous Mockingjay whistle was in my head and dreams when the alarm went off.  For a few seconds I was unsure if I was asleep or awake. Many mornings this past year were unwelcomed.  If I remembered the pandemic or governmental corruption before I got my bearings, it took every ounce of strength to command my body out of bed.  It's all so big.  

I think about who might be reading this post.  I know some of the loves of my heart don't see reality the same way I do which adds to the stress of it all.  I'm concerned this post will divide us further.  I pray it won't be so. 

My reality, which mimics art, is full of bad actors, few hero's and climatic future disasters desperate to be avoided.  What if we are being prepped to be a sort of Panem? (Which looks short for pandemic if you ask me.) But instead of physical districts, the people are divided by their differences?  So say even though I might be blood related to someone, the fact that they are democrat or liberal puts them in a separate district and we're not allowed to talk anymore. Well we could but we get so angry, so fast, we just stop talking.

I don't get to defend myself because the corrupt media and socialist leaning political party have convinced their supporters that those who don't believe them are deplorable, worthy of prosecution and worse. When you are able to condemn a whole section of society as inherently evil, it's a short drive to crazy mass mob mentality.  All the while committing evil acts because the cause demands them too.  What happen to "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay!" says the Lord?

Another key player in dissolving America has been to teach the young folk that America is bad.  The democrats don't see her as great but rather a bully that enforces her will on weaker people.  We have a terrible mark of slavery but it didn't start out that way and America didn't invent it.  I'm not trying to justify it but I am trying to show a little more truth about our ancestors and our true history.  In any relationship we can highlight the good or the bad.  We can try to make it as balanced as possible.  The educational system for several decades has been rewriting history with their version of what happened to empower the cause of liberalism.

For instance the Pilgrims didn't take land from the Indians.  On the contrary, they were in an area abandoned by the Indians because of a serious outbreak of disease.  Disease that was there before the Pilgrims landed, disease I was taught in school that the white man brought to them from England.  

The pilgrims paid money to the Indians for the land, teaching them about Capitalism.  Prior to that the Indians were warring with and killing each other, many times brutally and taking the land.   

This being a personal blog and nothing more gives me the freedom to make these claims without providing sources or footnotes.  I can tell you where I got the information, the legitimacy of the source and why it's trustworthy.  Let me know if you want to know where you can find it and what point you want to do your own homework on and I will.

The third weapon being used to create an invisible yet very real "Panem" is the spirit of "Offearance".  It's as if the spirit of fear and the spirit of offense had a baby and named it 2020.  I hear so many exasperatedly express, "I can't wait for this year to be over!"  I've learned the hard way to be careful what you wish for because you don't know what's next.

Can you imagine this awful baby going into it's terrible two's?  If I didn't have my faith I think I would be dodging Nurse Ratchett along with Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

I suppose my nightmare's are a combination of a couple different movies.  Hunger Games being primary though, with an initial dose of The Surrogates, watch trailer here and a constant dread of being under the control of political figures that make Nurse Ratchett look like Mary Poppins.  Oh but wait, we can take the red pill in The Matrix and "So your telling me there's a chance?" from Dumb and Dumber that we're going to keep our republic. Lol

So, nevertheless, I have been working on this post since November 20th and can't seem to wrap it up in a neat little bow.  It's keeping me from moving on and I am putting my foot down because I finally have a reprieve from the 2020 mess and would like to talk to God about it for a quick minute.  Please forgive me for abruptly ending this post but it's time to move on...

Maybe I can revisit this in the new year, but for now, December 27, 2020 I bid farewell.

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