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25 Apr

What a gloomy day today. IF I give in to it, it'll feel good for a quick minute. Like the last pity party I had with Mr. Coffee in November 2019, but wasn't worth the cost. That sucker took me ten days to get over! So I learned my lesson to not give into negative, defeatist emotions. 

An example in my mind is to chose between two older women at an outdoor ice rink. One intrepidly walks out on to the rink, only to have her skates come out from beneath her! You can hear her head bounce off the ice 40 feet away!  And the other woman, happy with her family, faith and opportunity to ice skate again after so many years pushes off the ice with the toe of her dominate skate. She enjoyed several laps around the rink before needing to take a break. 

I noticed years ago, the hard way, the difference between operating out of fear or faith. If you think you can, you can, and if you think you can't, you can't. Either way you're right! Especially on a merciless cold, frozen sheet of ice.

I'm a big fan of the Serenity Prayer. The first of several sentences says, "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference". The key word here is wisdom. God has so much to say about it. The 31 chapters of Proverbs are loaded with direct examples of what wise things are and by contrast, which ones aren't. Ecclesiastes 7 in the Old Testament is titled, Wisdom For Life. You should see some of things God says has to do with wisdom. It's amazing! 

Things like a good reputation being more valuable than smelling good. How many hootchy momma's do you think know that? LOL  How about finishing is better than starting? I experience that every time I leave the gym exhausted, snickering at the person just coming in. And another, patience is better than pride. Can I get an amen? I prefer to keep my pride in check. Inevitably if I wag my head and say cutting words to a slow store clerk or bumbling family member, I feel awful when the astonished look on their face calls me out on being a jerk.  

I also really like vs 11 and 12, get this... Wisdom is even better when you have money. Both are a benefit as you go through life. Wisdom and money can get you almost anything, but only wisdom can save your life. Whoa, now that's deep! What could be an example of this scripture? Money gets you into the Casino, but wisdom gets you out. Money can buy you the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, but wisdom wins the race... LOL I mean keep you from racing. Okay, maybe NOT the best example!

"Wisdom, what is wisdom?" Reminds me of the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate - Wikipedia:  Pontius Pilate was the fifth governor of the Roman province of Judaea, serving under Emperor Tiberius from 26/27 to 36/37 CE. He is best known today for being the official who presided over the trial of Jesus and ordered his crucifixion.  

After Jesus was taken to him because the Jews were not legally allowed to kill Jesus, Pilate questioned Him. You can find an account of the story in John, Chapter 18, starting at verse 28. Irritated to be given this quandary, he asked Jesus blatantly, "What have you done?"  Jesus responded, "My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdom.  If it were, My followers would fight to keep Me from being handed over to the Jewish leaders.  But My Kingdom is not of this world." 

Pilate said, "So you are a king?"

Jesus responded, "You say I am a king. Actually, I was born and came into the world to testify to the truth.  All who love the truth recognize that what I say is true.

Truth "What is truth?" Pilate asked. (italics mine)

Truth, wisdom, facts and knowledge are not all interchangeable. Especially God's Truth.  Facts can be facts and be separate from truth. The Bible lists wisdom and knowledge as different benefits and to search after both. "Feelings" can be very strong, real and wrong! If you allow your feelings to run your life, you may as well have "Train Wreck" tattooed on your forehead!

Hence forth the reason for my post. So many are freaking out over this COVID19 virus and rightfully so! Our whole world has ceased to exist as we know it. Our future unknown. This time more than ever we need wisdom! Wisdom to quiet the fear threatening to consume us. Wisdom to discern what is truth and what isn't.  Wisdom to know who to trust. 

Do you know what the definition of a pessimist is? It's an optimist with experience! Or you could argue an older person verses a youthful one. 

Having said that, listen to Bill Gates in this link below. I could be a shaken like Elvis in my blue suede shoes IF I give in to the constant pablum of fear and "no choice" the media feeds us 24/7 on local news and liberal cable station channels.  (Money would get me an audience with Bill Gates, but wisdom would get me out!)

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IF you think COVID19 is extremely contagious, you should check out fear! Gurlll, fear is waaayyyy more contagious than this virus. We can get the virus and not even know it. We can get minimal symptoms and get over it without much fan fare. Or we get the virus and suffer immensely but hear me on this, this virus will pass! 

However, IF you let fear get into your psyche, IF you let fear rent free space in your brain, it will quickly be a squatter by refusing to leave! COVID19 may well be in your rear view mirror, but fear will be your constant back seat driver. Non stop barking out orders, "don't do that, don't go there, don't say that!" etcetera, etcetera.  And you thought the virus was going to kill you? 

Well, we do have a choice, momentarily anyway... And enough time to do our homework. Use the freedom so many of our ancestors died to sequester us, I mean give us! Don't roll over like an obedient dog, thinking Master Fear won't beat you if you submit. If fear is your master, it is a wicked and cruel one. No matter what you do, you'll never be good, safe or sound enough! Listen, I have a secret... I see dead people... hahaha, just kidding. I'm trying to lighten it up a little because this is scary and we should be scared.

Never-the-less, courage is not the absence of fear, but doing what we need to do anyways, even when fear is present. Make sure you're not wasting precious health and energy on a lie, a deception and that's where wisdom comes in! Get wisdom, get knowledge and you'll be ahead. Plus, God is not apathetic. He has, however, given us a choice. Do we want His help or not? It is up to you. It is up to me. It is up to us! I don't hear anyone on news channels calling out for His help like I read about during the 1918 Spanish Flu or WWII. Why? Can it be that the powers in this world want nothing to do with Him?

I need to tell you a strange coincidence, if you believe in that sort of thing. While I am blogging, The Hunger Games is running on my television in the background and it is surreal. Life imitates art or is it art imitates life? Crazy premise, surely never possible in the good ole USA, given it's set in apocalyptic Panem 2147 AD, right? 

Have you seen the movie franchise? I want to point out a few of the movie scenes that resemble what could be our future given what the Establishment is doing to the districts, I mean world today. The movie franchise stars such Hollywood Elites as Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Lawrence and Donald Sutherland. The story line tells an incredibly strategic and tragic story.

The Capital, (which could represent Washington, the Establishment and Elites) are the privileged who consume all the commodities the Districts, (which could represent blue collar, poor and uneducated citizens) work blood, sweat and tears to produce . Each district specializes in a unique commodity pending on the lands natural resources. In turn, the Capital distributes the wealth so they are all equal (socialism). Yeah, equally poor as church mice in winter. Suzanne Collins who wrote The Hunger Games indicates that food was the main influence to get the people to remain under the Capital's control. 

No one is allowed to leave their District. There's no travel between districts. No ones allowed outside the crowded inhabited cities, a 10 foot tall wall stands between the citizens and the wildlife rich lush woods, lakes and free areas. It's OFF LIMITS! For their own good, for their protection. (If they could feed themselves the Capital would loose their power over them)

Oh and the "Capital" has the Districts pitted against one another. (A house divided can not stand) To insure the Districts keep in line with providing the "privileged and important" people all they need to live luxurious lives. A yearly competition is televised called The Hunger Games. Only one district can win and it's at the loss of beloved children from the other districts.  These "entertaining" games are also a reminder to not rebel against the Capital like District 13 did, which has since been destroyed. Control, intimidation and punishment are the Capitols tools and I wonder how did they ever get a whole nation of people to submit to these draconian rules? 

Seriously, I think you need to check out the movie franchise. Even if you seen them before, see them again through COVID19 eyes. I know for me it's a bit creepy and I'm sure a coincidence that the homecoming queen in my senior year of high school was named Effie Katsis. Effie is a leading character from the Capital and Katniss is the protagonist in the whole series. It's just weird to me. 

As I'm sitting here, I hear Katniss, reading queue cards, propaganda attempt to settle the Districts after a particularly harsh year(the stupid people were starting to wake up). She said, "We are all of us united, both victors and vanquished and serving a common purpose (We are all in this together united). Creepy I tell you, creepy! 

Okay so it's a movie. It's not real life. I get that. But I think there's a lot to take away from this heroine. She may have been a victim to her circumstances, born way after what ever happened that the author calls apocalyptic, and yet did not allow fear to control her. Sure she had some anger issues. She should! But take one person who refuses to drink the Kool-Aid, refuses to take on a victim identity and watch what can happen! 

If there isn't anyone around that will inspire you, check out this movie and see if this fictional character invades your dreams with ideas of breaking out of the fear of slavery, real or perceived! 

Right now, in real life, the World Leaders with our Government and Elite Leaders, use guilt and fear of death to control us. Guilt if we dare questioned the decisions they've decided are necessary to keep our loved ones safe. Fear if we are that loved one. 

This whole upheaval of 2 billion people being quarantined in their homes, institutions and prisons simultaneously should have all of us sitting up straight in attention. We still have the World Wide Web at our fingertips, even though through censorship, posts keep getting encoded differently so you can't find them, once suggested.

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Rosa Koire UN Agenda 2030 exposed Agenda 21 #NWO #QANON #Illuminati, #Spygate, #NWO 

As Rosa said in the video, we still have time. If you are distressed and willing to courageously move ahead, despite how you feel, please log on Brighteon.Com. Listen to WMUZ 103.5 fm in Detroit. Check out Brian Rose's censorship free site, London Real or www.bitchute.com. Make yourself be known. Be willing to tell your friends and family the truth of what is going on. We need you! 

Right now medical facilities are getting three times the amount of money for a patient who dies from COVID19 over any other cause of death. They are inflating the numbers to make this the crisis that will control us. Initially we just had to "flatten the curve". Well, it's been flattened. For the sake of our freedom and our individual rights as American's we must wake up and spit out the lies! Now to be sure, don't overwhelm the hospitals and protect our loved ones but we have to figure out this complicated dance while we still have legs!

This isn't conspiracy theory either because it has to be hidden to be a conspiracy and while we can still locate the information, it's not hidden. 

I digress and am off track however. Let me pull this back around. I started off with the goal of lessening the level of fear, should any be present. The way to do that is to gain wisdom and knowledge, do your own homework and be inspired by quality character role models, either fiction or non-fiction, enough to take some action.  

Let me end with this disclaimer, IF COVID19 is not a man made virus in attempt to gain extreme wealth and power by a small group of global elites at the expense of many lives, then I am wrong. This whole blog post was and is unnecessary and I wasted a whole afternoon sounding the alarm for nothing. 

Except for the admonishment to use wisdom to change what we can change and that is our attitude. If God is behind it, we can be confident He will work it out for the good of those who love Him and are the called according to His purpose. We'll be alright! That is if your on the right team... 

You ahright? I'm ahright... Let's do what we can do and God will do what we can't! 

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