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11 Jan

Liberalism definition 1. willingness to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one's own; openness to new ideas. (sounds good right?)

  • the holding of political views that are socially progressive and promote social welfare.
  • the belief that many traditional beliefs are dispensable, invalidated by modern thought, or liable to change.  

Liberty definition 1. the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views.

  • the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.
  • a right or privilege, especially a statutory one.
  • the power or scope to act as one pleases.

We've never been "here" before...  America, as I knew her, is gone.  It used to be okay to not agree and still play in the same sandbox, but not anymore. The common belief was, "I disagree 100% with what you are saying, but I will fight to my final breathe for your right to say it!"  No more. The forces that have been unraveling our ability to "agree to disagree" have been hard at work since the universities "woke up" in the 1960's. Yeah, Liberalism... have I sent you a thank you note?  Thanking you for convincing my mom that traditional parenting was oppressive and being dedicated to one man was Neanderthal?  

Did I send you a thank you note for telling my parents that they should pursue what makes them happy because, well, you know, kids are resilient, they'll adapt. 

Or how about thank you for making sex so free?  Have free sex and don't forget the drugs or the booze because that makes it even more psychedelic? If by chance you incur the inconvenience of pregnancy well, we got the Supreme Court to agree to abortion in 1973 so no worries, we got you covered!  

This "situation" we're in now didn't start four years ago when a non-politician took office. But rather when he turned "Friday Night Lights" on the corruption of the Elite Deep State. These "Representatives of 'the people' fear two things. First is not having enough money to run for re-election and the other is if their constituents find out what they're really doing and hold them accountable. The problem was a fox got in the liberal hen house. He started correcting the wrongs, stopping prostitution and slowing down child sacrifice. And the hen house got pissed! The Establishment, cackling at break-neck speed to make sure the masses believe their indiscretions are actually on the non-politician, not them. 

I don't believe everyone has an appetite for politics or even for a perfectly cold and balanced IPA from Ireland. Possibly enjoyed while bantering over politics in, let's say a historical English pub with C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien while smoking a cigar. (You can keep the cigar) It's not "wrong" to want to live your life in peace and tranquility while Washington guards our borders and prosecutes the "bad guys".  No judgement here!

However, the spill over from corruption and 'power lust gone to seed,' took our quiet, cul-de-sac, safe family life to the dangerous big city, right in our suburbs. Washington wasn't satiated anymore playing only with the big fella's. Now they felt it their "dutiful right" to make sure every deviant, anti-traditional lifestyle had a voice. That's so their own insatiable appetite for control would take cover in the "shadows of the indiscretions of the others." They could be "mini-saviors" for those with wayward voices who didn't want to be burdened with the "restrictions" of the Bible. 

And, pardon the pun, but for a New York minute, I agree... America was, I mean is the land of the free and home of the brave! And if you don't want to be free or brave, you're allowed that in America! 

Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech. Benjamin Franklin 

I can get overwhelmed with the rhetoric blaring out of my television, convincing my loved ones, no less, that MY beliefs are dangerous! That I am the enemy! Oh how it hurts to hear the scoffs and outright retributions when I communicate my 50+ years experience, sprinkled with Biblical references.  

So let's see if I can sum up what I am trying to communicate before I turn the corner. Disclaimer which also is a validator. Amazon, Apple, Google and Face Book have taken down Parlor, and silenced many other conservative voices and Apps because "they promote violence", so they claim. 

It has been decades, not years, since career politicians have their OWN best interest at heart and NOT the people they are paid to represent. Trump represented us, albeit braggadocios and prideful. It took an egomaniac to take on the depth of the pride of Washington and survive! Anyone with an ounce of people pleasing and codependency wouldn't have lasted through the first Russian collusion conspiracy, let alone the FIVE other attempts to be unseated as our dually elected president. Remember that, you who are believing them saying no one is to dare question election integrity? They continued for THREE YEARS and at the expense of some very loyal Americans and at the cost of over 30 million American tax dollars! They were the "do nothing but stop Trump" party and the other corrupt RINO's joined them! 

***Do you hear me? That which they are saying is JUST happening now, on the conservative side which is so DANGEROUS, is what they have actually been doing for four years!***

Fear finances control and right now the party, who are now getting their power back, has used fear to the UMPTH degree. They have terrified the masses to believe lies that fit their agenda. They have taken mole hills and made them into mountains. All they have accused the previous administration of is what they are exactly guilty of. (It's just like the bully in the lunchroom line who pushes first and then yells, "He pushed me!") Do you know how frustrating it is to be falsely accused several times and at significant loss of money, reputation and respect?

The spiritual forces of darkness have been heavy pressed on our hearts to adapt and comply. Resistance is futile. If you resist, we will already have you painted as a dangerous hate monger who doesn't care if someone dies. The odds for someone who sees all this for the lies that they are (me) is overcome with weakness. How can I fight back? How can I prove this isn't true? How can I argue my position with an ear that can't hear because they've been anesthetized by the media, liberal politicians and Hollywood elites? 

Here's the corner I must turn as I do identify as an overcomer of hard things.... 100 plus people are dead from the violence and the burning of cities all summer long in democratic cities. Business's gone, never to be opened again in low income communities because democratic governors' refuse to protect their constituents. But the capital was "stormed" last Wednesday. The elites were threatened like they allowed the citizens to be threatened for months. Oh no, this can't be!  What are we in Rome!?! Not the elite, God forbid! And since this happened, now free speech is ended. The 45th President never was allowed a platform unbiased from the news media, but now even big tech, whom of many will hold cabinet positions in the Biden Presidency, have willingly taken down accounts and platforms that could tell people the truth. But see they are calling the truth, dangerous lies and it's to protect us that they make such bold undemocratic necessary moves. 

How sick is the land we are in? Did you know how far down we have gone? Do you realize Trump hasn't started one war in four years? He hasn't denied any investigation, any inquiry on him or his cabinet? Do you get that? 


Our hope doesn't lie in politicians! Our hope doesn't lie in what we know is normal. Our hope defiantly isn't in Hollywood or the News media! Any human institution functioning apart from the Creator is debunked and deranged. They will lead you to darkness. If you are ALREADY on the path to destruction, to diabolical demise, then you might think you are saying goodbye oppression, restrictions and judgement of your lifestyle. Your not, by the way. With liberty you had the right to behave these ways and have your freedom. It is your own conscience that shames you, not society. Just watch as liberalism ramps up again and removes liberty from us who wanted to live and let live. Let me ask you this? Was your world all rainbows and butterflies when O'bama ruled the White House? Do you think when Biden goes back after traditional businesses and charities to force them to bow to Baal, it'll make your soul soar? 

God's Will will be done. He Is The Creator of this universe and all the people within. When the time is just right, God Will intervene. Don't forget this. You and me are on His trip, we are not on our own. For those who welcome this reality and are grateful... they are the victors... for those who rebel and don't want this... I pray for you, there is still time while you have oxygen in your lungs to repent, to turn! 

Repent means to feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one's wrongdoing or sin. Repent to Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Turn to the God of the Bible! He Is The One and Only God Who Saves! He Is The One Who holds this world in His Hands! And why? Why should we stop and give pause? 

Because time is short and the days are evil. Our adversary the devil is roaming around like a lion, devouring many, leaving nothing but the darkened soil where the inner loins, saturated with blood, laid in a pile. That is until the demons bit, clawed, chewed, gulped down, vomited, re-ate, slurped and licked up every last drop of what use to be a potentially heaven bound eternal creature. 

What happens in the invisible realm will one day become visible. The eternal creature is still eternal. Only now, no longer heaven bound but condemned to an existence, apart from God and other's who have love for each other, forgiveness, grace, mercy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness.

Even now America is where the "Prince-of-Pal-no-sees" is busy working division overtime. So easily most of us are offended. So easy to cancel each other out rather than spend the energy to work through the conflict. "I don't like what you just said! I don't like what you believe! In fact, I'm so close to becoming unraveled myself that I have no choice but to shut you down, cancel you out!"  (Little did we know we were on the same team, watching each others backs. Now the enemy will come from behind and take us down while we are isolated.)  

We can turn 180 degrees while there is still time. Not on the national, state, city or even neighborhood level but individually. You and me, agree to open our minds and give each other a chance to speak why you do what you do and believe what you believe. I promise I won't try fix you and you promise the same.

In conclusion, I'm posting this today, January 20, 2021.  The new President of the USA is about to be inaugurated. Usually The Price Is Right is on and while it's only a mere shadow of the program it use to be when people could be together, it still elicits a small portion of joy for a complete stranger to win that game and bag that prize. 

I, heart broken, watched the old administration back in The White House and as a Conservative Christian, am devastated. Please don't be a bully. Please be kind enough to know that half of the voting Americans are really hurting and afraid of the new administration. Please be a gracious winner. Don't mock or sing a catchy little jingle like you might have done in 2008. 

Even if you're in the same mood of those who just won the Super Bowl, please remember elections have consequences for everyone. For my people, we will be grieving as if we lost our freedom and our country. Don't be so selfish not to realize that. And if that doesn't move you, then maybe my final comment will:

You reap what you sow. Plant kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, love, acceptance, selflessness and friendship. You'll get a harvest of the same. Plant mockery, meanness, selfishness, coldness, hatred and division. You will also get that same back to you.  Karma I suppose is a word some would say. Please think before you assume where someone stands. As conservatives did from 2008 to 2016, we will hold our nose, again. We won't undermine the office of the presidency like it has been the last four years. We will wait and hope and pray that the election system will work properly in the future and there will be enough Americans ready to put our freedom and future back into the hands of a non-politician. Time will tell.... 

Hey! Here's an awesome thought... what if the next non-politician to govern us is the One and Only Jesus Christ Himself?  Oh what a wonderful world that'll be!  


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