Happy Father's Day To The Invisible Man

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22 Jun

Father is not a four letter word. Were you able to celebrate your dad on Father's Day? Did you want to or just feel obligated? Was he your biological dad or someone who took his place in your mom's life once your real dad was MIA?

I'd like to swear off Father's Day. It is a hard time of year for me and I prefer to avoid the stress of it all. Talk about taking the fun out of dysfunction! My family, maybe a little like yours, can really put a downer on Hallmark Holidays. 

I decided to dedicated this Blog to my heavenly Father. It took a long time to know He has always been here for me. Better late then never. I guess because I thought God was just like my parents. Angry and never satisfied. Well unless they had a couple drinks. Everything changed then. 

I suppose I caught, rather than taught that alcohol is great pain medicine. Temporarily anyways. Sometimes issues can be so deep and complicated that chewing off one bite at a time is the only reasonable plan. And within that reason, a cold beer helps it go down a little bit smoother.  That is until you want to be free'd from harmful behavior. 

I'm not against drinking all alcohol. I believe some alcohol consumption is even mandated by the Bible. Wine for Passover, for instance. Communion is another reason for wine. Jesus even said in Matthew 26: 26-29, that He would not drink wine again UNTIL He drank it new with us in His Father's Kingdom. Alcohol, spirits for celebration, within moderation, is a good thing. Sorta like fire inside a house... in a fire place. 

But should that fire leap out of it's boundaries, complete devastation... can I get an Amen?

I'm going to keep this entry short. My plan is to blog at least 3 days this week, if not more. I want to bring God back into society's conversations. Who knew the Christians would be forced into the closet when the skeleton's were let out. 

Please visit again soon, and please leave a comment. It's lonely out here all by myself! LOL   

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