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22 Jan

Shalom:  Hebrew word meaning peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility and can be used idiomatically to mean both hello and goodbye. As it does in English, it can refer to either peace between two entities, or to the well-being, welfare or safety of an individual or a group of individuals.  Wikipedia

Alex Trebek's last recording of Jeopardy aired on Friday, January 8th, 2021.  The montage of his special moments ended with several signature sign offs of "So long... So long... So long...".  Half way through the audio I heard "so long" turn into "shalom" and the tears threatened to fall.  Shalom Alex, shalom.

In America, THIRTEEN teens are committing suicide every single day! That doesn't include overdoses or failed attempts either. Alex got 80 years of life and wanted even more but it wasn't granted. America's birthed many intelligent, beautiful, smart and precious citizens. However, it has also wounded many who can't find the strength to live. I wonder if the 62 million who never got a chance to breath would have wished the right to decide for themselves. What's going on Virginia? Did the Grinch finally kill Santa Claus? Santa, who wasn't real anyways, 2020 proved that, but 2020 also proved the Grinch is and like Santa, records everything we do, both naughty and nice!

We've not been this way before. The toll of COVID and the break down of our democracy has hit fevered levels, especially for those with shaky foundations. The kind of up bringing void of eternal truth. Instead the American Dream, rewritten over the decades has turned from "The land of the Free" to "The land of the Bound" and "The home of the Brave" to "The home of the Broken". 

Chaos abounds in our city streets for months. Sequestered healthy individuals, isolated now for almost a year, for the "sake of safety", are engaging in addictions of all kinds, abusing each other and being diagnosed with mental illnesses. We're living inside a novel similar to Bird Box. A fake narrative authored by Hollywood, the "Late Night Jimmy's", social media, news media and career politicians, those Political Governmental Lifers who don't want to be paroled from the Washington DC Capital prison. 

Who's paying the consequences? Who's feeding this beast?

Young people, social media is manipulating you. The word out is you guys won't do your own homework. You'll believe what you see on social media. Your consumption of media is likened to a baby eating pureed sweet fruit, opening wide your brains. Open up, just like a baby's mouth is when the Mama shovels in spoonful after spoonful of information. Then comes something that doesn't taste right. Your heart knows something is missing in this narrative. You furl your brow, scrunch up your nose and spit the yuck out. But the Media, I mean the Momma swoops it back up with the rubber covered spoon and shoves it back in until you SWALLOW ALL OF IT! 

Repetition is the key. Repeat it enough, from several different channels and perception will be reality.  

And should you dare question these "Authorities of World Peace and Unity?" Shame on you! How dare you! What, are you racist? Are you a homophobic? Oh don't tell me, your one of those radical conspiracy theorists that believe the Bible? Heresy! Didn't you learn at University God is dead and America is bad? 

Why did we pay all that money? You wanted you to learn the Sciences and you did, but didn't know the cost was much greater then just money? Oh no, they've had a much greater goal then enabling you to make a good career for yourselves or win a good round of Jeopardy. Impress us and each other with opened ended questions that clearly have only ONE TRUE answer. But convince us at the same time there isn't anything absolute. Everything is a moving target. 

How does that, a single truth, fit in with the view point of a postmodern society molded into a relativistic shape fashioned for the 21st Century?  

Postmodernism is a philosophy that says absolute truth does not exist. Supporters of postmodernism deny long-held beliefs and conventions and maintain that all viewpoints are equally valid. In today's society, postmodernism has led to relativism, the idea that all truth is relative. That means what is right for one group is not necessarily right or true for everyone.  

Isaiah, Chapter 26 references a plum line. In our physical world we use a plum line to indicate a true line, a measurement to be trusted. Once you have the plum line marked you can start building. www.Bibletools.Org states:  

In verse 17, the plumb line is defined as justice and righteousness. We have seen that already in our word "upright," a synonym of "vertical." What is upright is righteous, and God will judge according to that standard. He will set us up so that we can see—and He can see—how close we are adhering to godly judgment and right doing. He and we will see how much we are living by the standard. 

He writes, ". . . the hail will sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters will overflow the hiding place." The process of this judgment will sweep away 1) the deceptions that we have allowed ourselves to believe and 2) the hidden, secret sins that we have allowed to continue. We will not be able to hide from the lies and the sins that we have ignored for so long.

The plumb line is nothing to sneeze at. God is serious. When He holds the plumb line next to His people, He is deadly serious, "eternal life and death" serious—especially to those who are converted. We had better measure up.

Yikes! That can be some scary stuff right there, boy I tell ya! I might even delete that when I proof read lest I loose the one I'm writing for specifically. But for now it stays as I am in earnest heartful prayer with my Savior, asking Him to reach you through me and in spite of me. Maybe those are the words He wants you to hear. I want you to know we are on His trip, not our own. Even those who will live their whole life apart from the maker of heaven and earth will come back to the earth one day. They will face Him. 

Please don't believe suicide is a valid option. It's not. It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem. And when you throw in your hand, flip the game board over, you forfeit your right for wrong things to be made right. Game over, forever...

Have you ever heard of a "Sheep Nation"? 

Whoa, I can't even post a video explaining what I mean, as it has been banned. Ironically, the description for the post started with "American sheep: The takeover of first our minds and then our nation almost worked added by World Tribune Life on December 27, 2020 View all posts by World Tribune Life...  The government and media elites decided we aren't allowed to see this. We aren't capable of handling what they perceive to be deceptive. So in order to keep them safe, I mean us safe, it's banned. 

So let me give you my "laymen" term of a sheep nation vs. a goat nation. Sheep nation is a nation that was founded on Biblical principles and respects Israel because they are the apple of God's eye. A goat nation is one who follows Baal and hates biblical principles. 

Here is where "the goats" are counting on you young people to rely solely on social media for your news. They are banning everything that might expose their agenda. "Truth" is relative and if the narrative doesn't fit their "truth" then it's for our own good we don't have access to it. 

Young people, I am SO SORRY it has gotten this bad! I stomped my feet and sent in my donation when I could to help the organizations fighting for the side of truth but the "Progressives and ACLU" own the air waves. Witches, who were 8,000 plus registered just a few years ago are now over 1 million strong. They have been holding rallies and spitting out curses for the last four years because they believe the liberal narrative and despise the truth that one day, they will be held accountable for their refusal to seek the one true God and instead serve Baal. 

Baal, properly Baʽal, was a title and honorific meaning "owner", "lord" in the Northwest Semitic languages spoken in the Levant during antiquity. From its use among people, it came to be applied to gods.Wikipedia 

Where are you in your mind? Do you have peace? Do you have hope that 2021 will be a better year than 2020? Has the heavy hand of liberal government, the rage of the anti-conservatives and the effective tactics of peer pressure made you conform? Do you agree now with President Biden and his cabinet that it's time to unite? (Their definition of unity means silencing the opposition.) If you don't you are numbered with the dangerous radicals who are being added daily to several "Domestic Terrorist Lists?" 

Hey, if the banned videos and tweets really aren't true? What are they afraid of? Do you remember when you could access hateful antigovernment posts? Oh yea, that's when that traitor held office with all his dangerous rhetoric. Now the Elite are running the show. Elite by definition means smarter, richer, better and more powerful then... you. And since... you... voted them into office, it is their ordained right to govern you with their enlightened god-level intelligence. Don't fuss if you don't like it. You're too dumb to know any better, stupid sheep. Forgive me, I digress...

Reader, dear one, one I would like to thank some day for reading my blog. I understand you'll never get these 7 minutes back and I want to make it worth the time you've invested. I can state all these "facts" and how is that going to change anything? 

This I can tell you in one word... TRADITION! Okay, maybe not, that's an inside joke, but maybe a couple more words will suffice. To do so I'll have to share a little of my personal testimony and excuse me for a little bit of a shameless plug, but I will be working on my book after this blog post. I've committed to continue both day and night to write and edit until I can get a publisher to pick it up. My book will go into a lot more detail of a young person, maybe a lot like you, who found a way through the manipulation, control, bullies, abuse, addiction, confusion, depression, anxiety, worry and fear tactics of those who pretend to care but in reality, they only care to preserve their own platforms. 

So close to giving up to early, throwing in the towel. Never seeing my plane land for a week's vacation in paradise with people I love and who love me. Once I was so distraught that I had to keep running. To rest was to hear screaming. I can't even imagine if I was sequestered at 19 years old. I don't think I would have survived. But I'm not 19 or 29 or even 39 for that matter. 

Nevertheless, I remember those years as if they were yesterday. And I can listen like a counselor who won't send you a bill, I can hug like a Grandma who thinks you can do no wrong and accept you like a savior who paid your bill in full. No condemnation, no shame, no rejection, no matter what you've done or are still doing! Because I have an understanding of being connected to healthy people who've seen my blemished embarrassing nakedness and choose to cover my shame with their blanket of love. I've had time to heal and now I know how to do that too! 

Like, and yet unlike, Martin Luther King, I had a dream at 24 years old that I would be able to write to help people. Two thirds of my story was already spent and the final third was going to take a looooonnnnggggg time to achieve... healing. Whoa! To be healed, to be whole, to have hope for my future, to have joy when circumstances show no reason for it. I have that now and I have it in abundance! I believe that I have enough for me and you too! I believe God gave me the ability to share it with you! Would you like a break for a little while? Would you like another human to come and help carry your heavy load?   

Because He lives, we can face tomorrow. Because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know the One Who holds the future, we can enjoy a life worth living! Don't give up. Don't give in. Please send me an email with your name. Even if you post a comment, I can keep it from posting if you ask so you can share privately and I won't make it public. 

Maybe you've surmised my hope is not in the government, educational systems or economy. My hope is in someone much greater than all these put together and I believe He can and will orchestrate our meeting each other and spending some time together toward health, hope and healing. But even if you have no intention of reaching out, and I get that, may these words resonate with you and help you muster up your own stock pile of peace, available when the combat begins. 

Let me share one final point. One that just happened last Sunday morning at 9:30 am when I had to go back to bed for a quick nap as I got up way to early to manage the rest of my day. Quickly I slipped into a dream that turned into a vision. As I shared with my husband, I had to pause a few times to let the tears fall and let my breath get it's feet back under itself to regulate without a bunch of gasps and stutters.

I dreamt people were all congregated together, me included.... but no one was pretending we had it all together, like we do, instead we were doing life, but with burdens, issues and problems... Hurts, Habits and Hang ups... Cautious of offending each other and careful not to be a burden. 

I was looked on as a guide of sorts and I was attempting to be helpful but then I got busted. I, in my brokenness, pretended to be using a video game enhancer that was actually picking up the game of another. Surprised at stumbling on the ability of this "younger" user, I was enjoying the ride, endorphins stumbling over each other, as they were multiplying so fast! 

But I got "caught". Caught by "the dad" who questioned me what was I doing? I felt immediate shame and embarrassment. It's as if I was "using" this person at their expense for my own pleasure. 

Disgusted with my behavior, I tore off the device to see that an angry dog was bound in tethers. His legs, arms, chest and head muzzled so tight he couldn't move. Apparently, the person who did this to the dog was guilty of the same indiscretion I was just caught doing. As I, reeking of shame and regret, attempted to release the dog, got caught up in making amends, the dog turned on me to bite me. (I understood the rage. I too was bound many a year at the expense of another's abuse and for their pleasure)

Coincidingly I promised a lady I would keep an eye out for her kitten, newly born and for a baby bird, soon to be born. Distracted by the abused dog, I lost sight of the others. When I got my bearings I saw the baby bird, just born in the jaws of the kitten. I ran after and lunged on the animal, fighting to release the baby bird from it's jaws. Too late. The baby bird, dead, torn in two. The kitten, now as dangerous as an African lion, turned on me and tore me up. I was bloody, wounded and full of remorse. I failed on all accounts. 

A trumpet sounded. A call came out from hurting wounded people in need of help. Like the alarm that goes off in a fire department building, alerting the first responders to gear up and jump in the truck!  I partially woke up.

I felt so much shame, dread and guilt - disqualified and devastated. Depression sinking deep. I refused to get up, never wanting to leave my bed again. Sick and disgusted, I called myself horrid things, things you wouldn't tolerate someone calling your children.

In this realm between asleep and awake, a kind man shows up with a wooden box. Something resembling a treasure chest combined with a coffin. The wood is well worn and stained. 

This stranger is putting the used and dirty video equipment in the box. He's putting the tethers taken off the abused dog in the box. Next goes in the dead bird and demonic kitten. One by one, I'm watching my mistakes, disappointments, sins and offenses going into the box.  Each item, when placed in the box, caused me to experience a vile emotion. Something between heavy regret laced with the stench of roadkill failure. Extremely repulsive. 

"STOP!" I yelled. "It's too much, I can't handle this! What good is this going to do anyway?" I asked.  He promised, "It will be cast into the deep of the ocean, permanently sealed, chained and locked with a weighted anchor, never to rise again."

"So what", I said, "I can't forget anyways." "This isn't going to change anything!"

"Oh but one day it will", he replied. "For now it's good enough to know they're in the chest, bound secure, never to come at you again. You are free from the weight, the burden of it all."

"But how is this possible?" I asked.   And he showed me...

I saw a vision of the "treasure chest, the coffin" that housed all my burdens, my failures. I saw it when it was fashioned in the hands of the furniture maker. He got the wood from the cross of Jesus. They took the dead body down and there laid the wood. The chest maker took the cross and sawed it into planks, then fashioned it together to make this box. This box, housing my disgusting stains, was made from the cross of Jesus Christ.

And yes, Tracy, get up honey, go out and help others put their burdens into similar treasure chests, coffins made from Jesus' Cross. This was made for you and for them too. Whimpering as I scooped up my heavy body from the pile of blankets and pillows, despising my weakness' but rejoicing in Christ's intervention. I'm trusting His Word is true! His Word Is True! It can be found and believed and strong enough to change death and darkness into hope and light. And I can prove it! This is not hear say! And all it takes is one to refuse to be fed Pablum. Do your own homework! Refuse to believe that those who have all the power have your best interest at hand. Come on, think for a minute, this isn't radical! 

Micah 6:8  And what does the Lord require of you but to do what is right, love mercy and walk humbly with our God until we are out of these temporary tents of skin, where we will remember our sins no more! 

I'm not promising I can fix you and in fact I promise I won't even try! What I can promise is to be an opportunity for you to grab on to a life preserver, thrown from an esoteric Navy Seal Rescue Team, dedicated to seeing you saved! To do everything possible to bring you up out of the deep and to the shore of hope. Please reach out, it ain't over until it's over and it ain't over until God says so!

Love you Boo! I'm here... Leave a comment or an email... Hugs!

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