The Book of Life

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15 Aug

Indiana Jones, raced against Hitler's Nazi's to rescue the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant from evil hands. We sat on the edge of our theatre seats, cheering him on!  It's bad when Nazi's, Socialists and Communists, to name just a few, have power! And we had a true American hero in this adventurous archeologist that would stop them! Everybody knew it was paramount good wins! We knew what was evil and what was good.  Emphasis on "knew".

Now we're on the cusp of an unknown reality. If we don't wake up soon, our ending may prove quite different than the Steven Spielberg's movie franchise. This whole world is going up in flames and where is our hero, come save us?

Art imitates life or is it the other way around? In the same pondering if the chicken came before the egg, or was the egg first? I'm asking if todays culture is laying for us a dirty rotten egg or is it the result of bad misplaced priorities the last fifty years?  

The sounding alarm bellows that absolute truth is dead! What's true for you, isn't necessarily true for me. My head spins, trying to make sense out of such non-sense. Think about it... even the statement "There is no absolute truth" is an absolute in itself!  

Not until recently did I finally grasp the magnitude this has! If people believe there is no inherent truth, then when you attack truth viciously and in broad daylight, you can deny it's happening. Since it's all up to the individual of what's really true, there's no basis to argue against it. The person with a different view simply says, "you can find information proving what you believe is true, regardless of what your truth is". Therefore don't bother wasting my time with your rhetoric. I can prove you're wrong. Augh, madness...

Desperate for an answer back, I rummaged through the older and wiser areas of my brain. Like a child bent over a deep treasure chest full of costumes and stage props. Bottoms up as the piles of discarded items grew taller by the second as I neared the bottom, the end of my understandings, without success.  But then...

I find it! The Book!  The Book that has all the answers and boldly advertises as much, without shame. Fascinating! I grab my physical copy and absorb the crisp sound of flipping onion papers by the tip of my wet finger. The blur of small print gives way to a map or sketched portrait of hero's long ago...

There's a section called Concordance, added to the back of my book.  It's in alphabetical order with hundreds of words. It's purpose is to help me find solutions for specific problems and teachings. I remember from high school the way to investigate something is to use the 5 W's and H.  Who, what, where, why, when and how?  

Who are the bad guys?  What exactly is the problem?  Where is the answer?  Why are we going through this? When did this start? And how do we find our way back to safe ground?

It's in here. I just know it.  It's unnecessary to flail about between realities. There's a definite  answer, a treasure map that leads us to the ONE SINGLE X. The esoteric power to right things gone wrong, once again. But it's huge. Complicated. 

Yesterday I was reading a true story in "the book" about a situation between a couple of female coworkers in dispute. Their leader was pleading for them to get along. He reminded them they were on the same team with the same goals. Eventually, all would end well. Man, wouldn't you love a fortune cookie to say that about you? Well guess what? There is! But it's even better then a cookie. It's in this book I'm talking about! This book encourages us to place ourselves in these stories so we know what to do.

Right now, a lot of Americans are in the same situation. We are in dispute with each other yet want the same outcomes and hope all to end well, right? So how do we do this?

Also, how did their leader know all would end well? 

Because he said their names were written in another book called The Book of Life! That's how he knew! OT Daniel 12:1b... But at that time your people shall be delivered, everyone whose name shall be found written in the book. NT Rev 20:27b... but only those who are written in the Lamb's book of life. Did you know you too could rest in the fact that all will end well for you too IF your name is found written in The Book of Life?  

Think about this with me for a minute. There is a truth our culture has hidden from us for at least 70 years. This truth says to be really super happy if your name is found in this book! It's as good as you already being in heaven. Luke 10:20

This is where Indy comes in - swinging from a jungle rope through a narrow cavern teaming with vampire bats. Mouths gapping wide for a bite of this "Tarzan/Sherlock Holmes" offspring. Evading the razor sharp fangs like a Ninja Warrior, Indy's feet set aright on the cavern floor, teaming with venomous snakes. A trap door triggers open, allowing escape for our hero.  

Just in the nick of time he descends and the door slams shut! He's in a tomb full of Hebrew artifacts and Egyptian coffins. An audible voice says, "Come this way, it's over here." Shrewdly he creeps, reflexes taunt from years of fight or flight scenarios. And there it is! The Book! He grabs it and wraps it in a linen shroud to protect it during the trip back. Tightly strapped against his heart, the book disappears into the old wineskin satchel. Now if he can just get it to American soil for verification. 

Let me ask you a question. Seriously, if there actually was a book that shows all the names of "well-enders"... Would you be interested? Well, would you?

I would! 

Guess what? Not even kidding... such a book exists! I promise I'm telling you the truth! Oh yea, wait. There it is. That word. Truth. What is truth? What's true for me may not be true for you. What's true for them may not be true for us. How can anyone really know truth? People can always find what their itching ears want to hear. Augh!

And so the mystery of the gospel goes. The value of doing your own research should not be underestimated. I realize time is short and it's much easier to make your decisions based on reading headlines or watching a 90 second "Breaking News" clip, but...

If you realize your very life depends on what you believe would you be a little more particular? If the balance of your remaining time here on earth depends on you knowing the truth, would you leave that up to someone else's opinion? Would the time it took you away from pursuing pleasure and/or managing pain be worth it? 

I promise you, it is. And if you listen, spend the time and disagree, I'll give you your money back. LOL

Even so, you can't turn the Titanic around on a dime, especially when its sinking. It takes time. A lot of time. But let's start here. This is the first post in a series I'll blog about at least once a week, for sure on Sunday. You'll need a Bible App to look up verses for yourself. Blue Letter Bible is what I use and it's pretty easy to navigate. Youversion is another good one. Of course you could be old fashioned and blow the dust of the Bible your momma may have gave you awhile ago...

Please hear my heart behind this endeavor. My hope is that my posts will make someone's day brighter, load lighter, birthing hope where only darkness once permeated. Potentially bringing solid meaning to the why, with purpose. A real knowing of why are we alive at this time in history?

First Thessalonians is one of the 66 books, in "The Book". Chapter 5 is titled, The Day of The Lord and it's all about us, today, 2021! Well, actually it's about what we should be doing while we're waiting for this event. The Day of The Lord is what the second coming of Christ is called. It could happen any second or it could be another 1,000 years, only God the Father knows. But I promise you this, He isn't coming as a baby and if your name isn't in The Book, you is in big trouble!

And He, The Way, The Truth and The Life leaves no information hidden from His friends (that's what He calls us), other then the day and the time of His return. Yes, He wants true followers. (There's that word again) True. 

Revelation 21:5 says, "And He Who was seated on the throne said, "Behold, I am making all thinks new." Also He said, "Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true." 

No wonder the enemies of truth hate the Bible and want it banned as a hate book! If you've allowed a lot of time bending your ear to these "anti-truthers", chances are this post is rather irritating you right now. Please don't let that annoyance keep you from coming back next week though. It gets better, you'll see. 

I give you my word, with God's help, I'll be the best imitator of what it looks like to seek after truth with love. I'm willing to trust my reputation to God and not get into value-less debates. I hope you'll be the one who will fight through offense and journey with me to find truth, absolute truth. Truth that's been true since the beginning of time. 

Until next week, be wise, making the best use of the time because these days are crazy. Hugs! ;0)


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